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What You Liked, 2009 Edition

December 30, 2009 By: Mel Category: Misc

Breaking news isn’t really my thing, but it does bring the traffic.  The article I wrote after attending CATO/Glenn Greenwald’s release of the Portugal decriminalization study was the most popular post this year.  And the snowball war post came in at number three.

White America’s Existential Crisis was the second most popular post this year, and the one that garnered the most discussion and cross-posting (I think).

My post about how hard some Americans worked to exclude non-Christian immigration was fourth most popular.  I have to thank the Carnival of the Godless for some of that.

And the fifth most popular was the one I wrote about the movie Revolutionary Road.  I was surprised at that one, as it didn’t get a lot of hits at the time.  But they keep trickling in.  I have the distinct impression that kids are getting assigned this movie in school and are looking for paper material.

As for all time popularity, the first two slots for 2009 actually beat out the former all time front runner (which now comes in at number three) – Would you Rather Have Balls or Heart.

So my takeaway is that you want me to talk about drugs, cops, discrimination, the despair that is American life, and balls.

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