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Things You Might Have Missed

January 10, 2012 By: Mel Category: Misc

No Politicians. No Exceptions.Loving the sign in that pic (courtesy of Watch DC). We definitely need those in DC.

Have you seen the new Axe ad campaign featuring anarchists? Salon wrote about it here. Apparently, customers can go online and influence the story. I think we should hijack it.

At least my landlord hasn’t run me over with a Hummer.

Turns out that organic farms are pretty damn productive. Though I would like to know how they treat all those workers they refer to in the article. And as long as we are on the topic of farming, here is more about all the ridiculous legal problems small farmers are facing.

A California prison refused to deliver a copy of the Atlantic to one of the prisoners because it had an armed Pakistani on the cover. I’m not in the least bit surprised. I volunteer with DC Books to Prisons and you would be amazed at some of the regulations.

Good post on Clutch about all the controversy around that Shit White Girls Say video.

I don’t know what I would have done if I found out I was one of the children of the disappeared in Argentina. I don’t think I would have handled it so well.

Lynching witches?!

Interesting that a lot more people do not want to identify as Latino. The author laments this. But if people want to identify with being black, Asian, or indigenous and not Latino (a designation that was pretty much made up by the advertising industry) then they probably have good reason.

I have watched “news” people do this so many times.

The DC police chief is a transphobic ass.

You know why those banks don’t want to renegotiate mortgages. Probably because they are donating the houses and writing it off on their taxes. That means we are giving them even more of our money. Charming.

And now I need to get to work on some stuff for the Criminal Injustice Committee. More on that soon.