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January 03, 2012 By: Mel Category: Misc

Ella the cat relaxing on the bedHope you all had a New Years filled with debauchery. I woke up on Sunday still drunk with unexplained injuries and a vague recollection of one of my girlfriends chasing some douchebag down Connecticut Avenue. Good times.

I really wish the California prison hunger strike would have gotten more attention. Here is an interview with the father of an inmate who supposedly committed suicide. Share this one.

Censorship 101.

The always amazing Amy Hamilton interviewed here talking about her new direct trade network called Smokey Mountain Hollers.

Indigenous women are being trained on the legal aspects of dealing with  sexual assault – collecting evidence…

I would like to know if any truck driver has ever been charged with obscenity for having those naked chick mud flaps. I’m guessing no. It’s just the testicles people got a problem with.

Good profile of trans roller derby jammer Kayley Whalen.

Interesting piece on the Spanish anti-foreclosure movement.

I actually went to a presentation of the Stolen Asset Recovery program (STAR) jointly run by the UN and World Bank. The impression I got from the guy who presented was that he was a true believer navigating complicated political waters. No way you can really go after political bigwigs from the confines of the UN and WB. But I’m still intrigued as to how this plays out.

Seriously, why does the NFL get to be a nonprofit?

What kind of horrible people ban happy hour?

Very interested to see how this vote on Puerto Rico’s status turns out.

You have all probably read this Greenwald post about progressives and Ron Paul, but just in case.

Oh boy, the DOD is the world’s largest employer. And they said we couldn’t create jobs. Bonus, those jobs also kill potential job seekers, so it’s like doubly helpful to the unemployment rate.

Not a huge amount of occupy news in the last week. Are people losing interest?

Tho surely you saw this story about an occupy protester who was kept off their flight because they had anarchist literature.

P.S. That’s my cat Ella (aka The Belly). You can’t really get the full effect of her voluptuousness in that photo, but she was getting a little irritated with the picture taking. And frankly, I’m a bit afraid of her.