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Things You Might Have Missed

December 20, 2011 By: Mel Category: Misc

This may be the best post title ever – Mad Muslim Cleric Warns Women to Steer Clear of Phallic Foodstuff

My cat is sooooooo jealous of this cat.

If I see one more post cheerleading the use of free prison labor, I cannot be held responsible for what I do.

I’m pretty cynical, but sometimes I read something and actually marvel at how evil people can be. I hope one of those homeless women goes all Lorena Bobbitt on his ass.

Just what Honduras needs, a bunch of Randroids.

It is tempting to be drawn in by arguments about the need for population control in a world of 7 billion people. But never forget how closely tied those movements are to eugenics and who suffers the hideous consequences.

Adam thinks we should end tax breaks for religious institutions. Jack thinks we should end the charitable deduction period. I think I agree with Jack. What say you?

The Lakota video that Rene posted over at Womanist Musings is amazing.

Swaay is protesting Google’s massive donation to some seriously anti-sex worker orgs. No protest scheduled in DC yet. Wish I had the time to organize one. I would definitely show up if any of you have the time.

As long as we are on the subject of orgs that support sex workers, HIPS is sure to be hit hard by the recent reinstatement of the needle exchange ban. They are a great organization. If you have a few extra bucks this holiday season, I’m sure they can use it.

Very interesting interview with David Graeber.

You may have come across this article¬†about a farmer who is being sued by Maine for having the audacity to sell his extra milk without state sanction. To put that in context, I highly recommend reading this grain report about how the dairy industry uses permitization and “safety” concerns to push small milk producers out of business.

If you have ever been poor, you have almost certainly taken advantage of layaway. Some person had the idea of going in and paying some random person’s layaway. The idea has taken off and spread to different cities all around the country. One person dropped $20,000. Regardless of how you feel about Christmas gifting and consumerism and all that crap, people really like to do things that are tangible. Good to keep in mind for activists planning stuff.

I attended my first Criminal Injustice Committee meeting for Occupy DC this past Sunday. The Wells Fargo boycott campaign, which you can read about here, continues. Lots of other cool stuff too. I’ll keep you posted.

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