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Things You Might Have Missed

December 06, 2011 By: Mel Category: Misc

Let me start off with the things that I missed – your comments. Seemed a bit strange that I didn’t get any comments for a month, but I thought maybe I had been gone so long that you forgot about me. But no, it is just that I am technologically incompetent.

So I changed my settings and went through about a thousand spam posts, which was great fun. On the up side, if I ever need a gorgeous Russian bride or a penis enlargement, I know who to contact.

If you wouldn’t mind putting a comment on this post – a smiley face, a fuck you, whatever – that would help me make sure I have actually fixed the problem.

And yes, I am smoking again – hence the cartoon.
I haven’t a particle of confidence in a man who has no redeeming petty vices.
– Mark Twain

As many vices as I have, you should all have the utmost confidence in me.

Nicely done to the port staff who refused a shipment of U.S. tear gas probably to be used on their fellow Egyptians.

I have a major thing about unpaid internships. In fact, I just kinda went off in an email to one of my coworkers. I wish more people would write critical pieces about that system, especially related to NGOs. Way to make sure poor people will never be able to work for you.

DC has been harassing head shops. Apparently, it is not only bongs that they have a problem with. They also hate informational videos. Only a criminal would possibly want to know their rights.

Dru from The Media Co-op in Canada has the inside scoop on Durban.

Good profile of a local DC transgender woman.

Oh unions.  This shit is exactly why you have sunk so low.

Thoughtful essay “on language, race, and poetry.”

I’m not normally inclined to socialize with cops. But if you get fired for thinking the war on drugs is bullshit, I will totally smoke you out.

Have you seen Manu Chao’s performance of Clandestino at tent city in Arizona? Nice.

Hey, guess what. The whole thing about men thinking about sex every second and women like never. Turns out, not so much.

Also turns out that hook-ups are a little more complicated than just picking up strangers in a bar.

Yes. Co-op brothels are a lovely idea. So are worker co-op, anarchist, bisexual strip clubs/reading rooms. I should totally kickstarter that.

In occupy news: