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Things You Might Have Missed

November 22, 2011 By: Mel Category: Misc

Cat looking at rubber duck and saying "How Intriguing"I thought this article about the connection between authoritarianism and sexism/racism was really interesting.

It would make such a difference if pop culture showed racism in the complicated ways that it actually plays out. This piece on racism in Sons of Anarchy is worth a read.

I don’t know what is more appalling – this article about forced sterilizations in Peru or this article about the recent suicides in California prisons. (And note the part about notifying the families of their loved ones deaths with a fucking recording.)

Before I got called off to the occupation of Franklin, I was watching this impromptu concert arranged by one of my PF pals. Iif you have a few extra bucks, are a fan of punk rock, and have not already donated; they are still trying to raise money for the Positive Force documentary.

This post about the work that amazing and gorgeous women are doing all around the world is inspiring. And they are right that the video about land grabs in Colombia is a must watch. It is an hour long, but it is totally worth it. Take the time.

I’m extremely amused that the colonies are now bailing out the colonizer, although they have no friggin business doing it when their people are starving.

And finally, in occupy news: