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Things You Might Have Missed

October 11, 2011 By: Mel Category: Misc

Lots of interesting pieces floating around on the occupy movement.  There is a post by Darien on the Occupations Alienating People and this piece on Rebel Diaz. I’m interested to see how #occupythehood develops. Any of you able to get out this weekend?

I was not able to get out. One of the things that kept me away was my Positive Force meeting. PF is an anti-authoritarian punk rock collective that’s been active in DC for 25 years. Robin Bell is making a film about PF and is raising money on kickstarter to get the thing done.  If you all are so inclined, feel free to drop a few bucks in the pot.

I thought this Six Questions for Leftists post brought up some interesting issues.

Check out Keith’s post on Alliance about where we are at and how co-ops are the way forward.

If you have never seen the doll test, check it out. Watch the whole film if you can. It is heartbreaking.

Then you can read this post on What Tami Said about liberal racism.

And for your amusement, I laughed my ass off at this Daily Show clip.




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