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Things You Might Have Missed

July 12, 2011 By: Mel Category: Misc

I spent the weekend at the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy. Had a really great time with more than 200 of the least pretentious people doing some of the most cool things. Red Emma’s did their usual bang up job with Friday night dinner at 2640. Great speakers at the dinner, especially the guy with United Workers – who BTW are having a fair development conference in October.  I’ll definitely be there.

During the conference itself, I went to a session on a Canadian media co-op, one by the Ohio Employee Ownership Center on turning private companies into employee co-ops, and a follow up on the Advancing the Development of Worker Co-ops pre-session on Friday (sponsored by GEO). All interesting, especially the media co-op. I’ll write more about that on Thursday. And Ajamu Nangwaya kicked some ass during the plenary.

Raffling babies? What is it with people and their baby mania? I will never be able to comprehend people’s obsession with biological relation. Perhaps it has something to do with that family fetishism. (Normally, I don’t judge other people’s fetishes, but…. ick)

Liked this post on why you shouldn’t vote.

Charming. Another state replaces decently paid workers with prison labor. Not the first time. Where is that sense of fairness that the NYT wrote about?

Really? Really? This is just beyond words. What rock did those skinheads crawl out from under?

Interesting article in the FP about how many Israelis have emigrated and who is left.

This little cube house is kinda cool. Makes my 400 square foot studio seem positively humongous.

HT to @womanistmusings for this piece on letting people speak for themselves.

I know I am probably dating myself, but this is so hilarious to me.