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May 24, 2011 By: Mel Category: Misc

So Latin Americans seem to be digging up the past – literally, in the case of Chile. They exhumed Salvador Allende’s body and are hoping to determine once and for all if he committed suicide or was murdered during the U.S. sponsored coup. Meanwhile, in Guatemala, they are adding Arbenz (also, of course, removed in a U.S. backed coup) back into the history books.

There has been a disturbing rise in really violent murders of women in El Salvador. Guatemala is averaging more than 1,000 femicides a year.  A friend of one of my former teachers researched the Juarez, Mexico murders and had a theory about the ritualistic killings being part of gang initiation. Whatever the story is, it is creepy as hell.

This piece in Crunk on race and the SlutWalks is spectacular.

You may have guessed that I was a library nerd when I was a kid. We had a really cool neighborhood library in an old house. My dad used to take me a couple times a week. And he let me check out whatever I wanted, no matter how lascivious. Jackie Collins is crap, but it is awesome crap when you are ten. Anyway, we seem to have reached the end of an era.

The Onion was killing me this week. This piece on the abortion complex and this piece on Israel are hilarious.

Also hilarious to me, for some inexplicable reason, were these photos of church signs. I have no idea if these are real, but they cracked me up.

Holly is her usual no bullshit self in her piece on The Pussy Supply.  (Holly, if you are ever in DC, I totally owe you a drink.)

That whole warm and fuzzy “we are all immigrants” thing…not actually so cool.

This one has been making the rounds, but if you have not yet read Privatization is Theft.

This is the second article in a week that talks about rising wages in China and the return of manufacturing to the U.S.  Call me skeptical.

Have you all been following the Cornel West brouhaha? Chris Hedges interviewed West. West bashed Obama. A little war started. West said some personal shit, which Serwer responded to part of here. The other criticisms, like about Obama being in bed with the oligarchs, the liberal critics pretty much avoided. Well Chris Hedges came out with a scathing screed that is like a punch in the face to liberals. It is kind of awesome.

Also in Chris Hedges news. This is a very interesting interview with Derrick Jensen and Hedges.  The last fifteen minutes or so are especially good.