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May 17, 2011 By: Mel Category: Misc

I saw Hesher this weekend. I went to see the movie because so many of the reviewers referred to Hesher as an anarchist. The official movie blurb refers to “Hesher’s anarchy.” I really liked the movie, despite the fact that so many people seem to think that anarchists are dirty, violent, headbangers with no impulse control. At least he was funny. Maybe we need a lovable anarchist comedian running amok? Any takers?

I don’t believe I will be voting in the upcoming presidential elections, but I really wouldn’t mind seeing Ron Paul and someone from the more radical dems team up on an anti-war and anti-drug war platform. Perhaps Cynthia McKinney? It isn’t like I think they would win, or that it would be good if they did, but it would be lovely to see how many people would get behind it. I mean look at some of the positions that are considered “extreme.” How extreme are they really?

Even better, maybe Luther Campbell can go from mayor of Miami to president. They could play “Me so Horny” every time he walked on stage. (Clearly, they should play that for a lot of politicians.)

Wow. For real. Shooting a skateboarder? That is one cranky dude. His condo is toast come Halloween.

Nice piece in CounterPunch on Mexico’s drug war.

Just cause you are a peaceful protester does not mean the cops can’t break your legs. I mean do you think you live in a free country or something?

Yes, Intellectual Property is Murder.

Db0 breaks down the responses to an anarchism reddit question about how people got interested in anarchism. I think the last trend should be examined more. Culture is a huge doorway to looking at the world in a different way. But there isn’t enough cultural product out there that is anarchist and not punk rock. I mean I like punk rock, but not everybody does.

I know I have mentioned it before, but the new movie on the Freedom Riders is really a must see. This alternet article highlights one of the main lessons. Change happens when people take direct action. And P.S. The Kennedys didn’t do shit.

JRB cracked me up with this one.

More James Baldwin goodies. I can’t believe how pleasant he remained through that whole interview.

Hey, I do a lot of accounting too. I might need some curtains for that gargantuan window from my office out to the hallway. Also, my office mate might not like the whole masturbating several times a day thing.

This piece was really interesting. Although the author is talking about the death of anarchy, he at least understands it somewhat. To his credit, although a firm supporter of the welfare state, he actually beseeches people to do better about showing its benefits. Which is to say, anarchy is the baseline and any institutions (particularly costly ones) better make their case. Why can’t we have more of these?

If you live in Indiana, you may want to reconsider.

Mutual aid + technology – cops = WIN

The Heritage Foundation has come out with their new plan for Saving the American Dream.  If you are at all wonky, you should read it. They have a lot of influence and you can be sure that conservative republican candidates will be selling much of their plan. Scarily, although even Heritage is calling for an end to farm subsidies, it still won’t happen.

And finally.  Hee hee hee hee