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Things You Might Have Missed

May 03, 2011 By: Mel Category: Misc

Charles Davis has been writing some great posts on Ron Paul v. Obama.  There is this one on CounterPunch. Then there is this one about Greenwald saying he might not vote dem. And finally there is this one in response to Taibbi saying he still couldn’t vote for Ron Paul. Don’t believe I will be voting for anyone, mind you, but his points are worth making.

Really people?  You codenamed Osama “Geronimo”? Guess what? Indian country is not amused.

Michelle Alexander has a new piece on Alternet about the human rights nightmare that is the drug war. (Human rights violations related to the war on drugs was what I focused on in college, FYI.)

Dare I say that some churches may be putting us to shame in the mutual aid department? My guess is that they will regulate this out of existence. They’ll probably regulate this nonprofit dental clinic out of existence too.

Land reform is not a simple thing. And the land vs. territory issue is an interesting one. I wonder what a Pacahuara would say about private property or security of tenure.

And while we are on the subject of land, here is an interesting article about marijuana growers doing their thing on private property and leaving environmental damage in their wake.

A good follow up to Thursday’s post is this one on how to be an ally to sex workers.

Here is a post on illiteracy around the world. Sad that DC is highlighted. The last quote is from a student in the program I volunteer with.

FP has a good article explaining how Goldman Sachs fucked with food futures and have caused food prices to skyrocket.

Holly, with her usual aplomb, dispels the myth that women are not horny.

Anarchy in Belgium!