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Things You Might Have Missed

April 19, 2011 By: Mel Category: Misc

Sorry for disappearing last week. My schedule has been hectic. I haven’t had too many days or nights off the last few weeks. Not enough time for reading and writing.

I did; however, have time to go to the New York Anarchist Book Fair.  Aside from meeting with people I never get to see (or in some cases, only know through the internets), I attended two sessions.  The session on Food Not Bombs was interesting. The Long Island Food Not Bombs just blew me away. There are like six different sites and thousands of pounds of food being distributed. Check out their very cool site here.

I also attended the Radical Women’s Caucus. The caucuses weren’t led by anyone and it wasn’t really clear that was the case. So people were a bit confused going in. And although it was listed as a closed space, a dude showed up. He was asked to leave. It caused some controversy. Also, of all the women who showed, only like four of us actually identified as anarchists. I will have a bit more to say in the near future about one contributing factor for that lack of anarchism.

How the hell is weed not legal in Jamaica?

Wow. Really? Homeless men being paid $50 to get beat up for fetish videos?

Good piece in the Prospect on sex offender lists.

So I posted this link on twitter to a story about how free porn lowers rape rates. The study actually shows correlation, not causation.  But I thought it was interesting. So did @maymaym who reposted it. @tiaramerchgirl thought we were getting into some sticky territory and put up a post on her Tumblr here. And @maymaym responded to her here. Thoughts?

Audacia Ray answers the question What Can Sex Workers Do to Prevent Violence?

Do cops really have nothing better to do than harass people selling loosies?

I thought this was an interesting post about the black bloc from the perspective of a non-black bloc protester.

Finally, here is a depressing chart of deportations by fiscal year.