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Things You Might Have Missed

March 29, 2011 By: Mel Category: Misc

Sorry for skipping my usual Thursday post last week. My social life seems to be getting in the way of writing and the next couple weeks are busy. Guess I’ll have to skip work or something.

Thanks to @db0 for the heads up on this post about the men’s rights people.

You have probably already seen this, but Pole Dancing for Jesus is hilarious.

How many people even knew we had an Institute of Peace?

Could the Obama that smoked pot and snorted coke please have a few words with the Obama whose administration is going to give El Salvador a couple hundred million more to escalate the drug war? And maybe he could have a chat with Eric Holder about those 28 medical marijuana raids in 24 hours. Or maybe this new and unimproved Obama just likes bleak children’s artwork.

Have you read that Rolling Stone piece about the Kill Team yet?

I despise when people characterize violent, misogynist behavior as “traditional.”  Not that I give a crap about tradition. It just implies this linear progress in human behavior that is so not true.

I’m sorry, but the people trying to ban chica chica cards get a big eye-roll from me. Fifty bucks says all of their kids could find way more scandalous photos right in the comfort of their own homes.

Hey, turns out those rescue industry people were using completely bogus “studies” to create a panic about sex trafficking.  And guess what? Here are more sex workers who say thanks but no thanks to state forced “rehabilitation.” They would rather the state just not criminalize them.

The DOD actually filed a brief in which it compared al Qaeda to Seminoles fighting against Jackson’s army.  Really DOD? Did you think comparing Seminoles to terrorists was going to go down well? Are you really still trying to justify Jackson’s invasion? Maybe this kind of shit has some relation to the epidemic of suicides in Indian Country.

You know those people who talk like U.S. slavery was sooooooooo long ago. There are people still alive whose parents were slaves. That doesn’t seem so friggin long to me.

This open source erotica project is a very cool idea. I’d like to see lots more open source stories on the web.