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Things You Might Have Missed

March 22, 2011 By: Mel Category: Misc

I didn’t make it to the Manning protest at Quantico this weekend, but I did make it to the Iraq war anniversary thingamawhosit. The first (Code Pink) hour was pretty bad. I spent most of it texting snarky comments to the bfriend, who wisely stayed in bed. But it got better. Couple of the speeches were good. Chris Hedges is not fucking around. Mike Malloy, and a few others, managed to nicely call out that the 1967 redux protest is not working and that people need to step up their game. Direct action was mentioned on more than one occasion.

This thread on reddit about dumbass job policies is amazing. Suddenly my job seems pretty damn nice.

Apparently, the guy behind the liberty dollar was convicted in federal court. I thought local currencies were perfectly legal. Any of you know why they went after this guy and not any of the others? Or have they gone after others?

Good interview of the ED from HIPS about violence against prostitutes. (HIPS would be the org at whose Vagina Monologues fundraiser I had those alcohol-infused cunt cakes a few weeks ago. Delicious.)

And in related news, Holly has a piece on rape culture.

S.E. Smith leaves feminism. That post, along with this one about transmisogyny, should be required reading for some people. You know who you are.

Minnesota government wants to get in your pockets and San Francisco government wants to get in your pants (NSFW).

The Post says it is a problem that so few women are in student government (and then government government).  I say they have it ass backwards. When is someone going to write an article about the shortage of men who don’t want to be in charge?

I went to UC Santa Cruz. Hedy Epstein, the holocaust survivor who speaks out against Israeli abuses, came for an event one night. A group of hillel nutters showed up to scream her off the stage. I imagine the woman who instigated this investigation of anti-semitism knows those nightmares.

I haven’t been following the Iranian hikers story as closely as I had intended. I’m sure you heard that they let the girl go. Muhammad Ali just wrote a letter to the Iranian government about the two guys. Hope it works.

Guatemalans are suing the U.S. government for those horrible medical experiments where they gave people syphilis.

Many of those Guatemalans were prisoners, of course. Guess the government thought nobody would ever care. Much like they probably think nobody cares about all the prisoner rapes, the people who never make it to prison because they encounter a NOLA cop, or the guys beaten to death by border patrol. (Don’t worry, we’ll soon be shooting them down with drones. So much more civilized.)

I’m pretty sure this little dutch city that wants marijuana coops is the one my coworker lives in. I want to work in a coop. The bfriend wants to stay baked all day. Win-win!

This post on animals spanking the monkey is old, but the comments just don’t stop.  Kind of awesome.