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Things You Might Have Missed

December 28, 2010 By: Mel Category: Misc

Racialicious posted a great TED video of Tony Porter talking about the man box.

Most of you will find something to object to in this report by the United Nations on access to land and security of tenure.  (I know I skipped the recommendations part.)  But it is worth a read for how it frames the issue.  How do mostly European/agrarian ideas of private property fit in with non-agrarian societies – fisherpeople or pastoralists.  What are the problems with title?…  Seems to me the writers are trying to strike a balance that would respect individualistic and communal forms of property rights.  Most of you probably think that is impossible, but I bet some of you left-libs will appreciate the effort.

I am seriously considering calling myself an anarchoogyboogykajoogyist.

Judy Minx, who wrote a good response to the claim that she could not be a feminist and a porn actress, might also want to consider switching to oogyboogykajookyism.

Here is an interesting piece on the baby trade.  “The solution to climate change, therefore, is obvious. The countries that have the smallest carbon footprints should adopt U.S. babies.”

Lots of disturbing stuff about prisons this last week.  The American Prospect has a special issue online with quite a few good articles.  I particularly recommend the one by Michelle Alexander about prison as the new Jim Crow. And if her article doesn’t convince you, read this infuriating article in the Fort Worth Weekly about prison labor.

I seem to have missed this when it came out in October.  Apparently, people are actually talking about legislation against catcalls.   Look, I get that being accosted on the street is at best annoying, often threatening, and sometimes really dangerous.  But are we going to build more prisons for it?

Or maybe we could just put everybody on a sex offenders registry.  Apparently, you don’t need to actually be a sex offender to be on there.   Course we aren’t even allowing those on the registry to sleep under our bridges, so we might have to start shuttling them to the moon.