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Things You Might Have Missed

December 07, 2010 By: Mel Category: Misc

Before I start my links, let me just apologize that I have not been able to keep up with all the comments on my last post (not to mention the comments elsewhere on the internets).  I try to respond to everyone, but I’m a bit overwhelmed this week.  It is especially hard since many of the comments were substantive and deserve more than a cursory reply.  I promise I will get to them.


If your comment just amounted to, you’re wrong and stupid, then there really isn’t anywhere to go from there.  Also, if you are some misogynist douche who posts links to the douchey stuff you read/write/whatever, I reserve the right to zap you and your comments from my life/blog/twitter/whatever.

And now that we have that out of the way.

If you read my last post before the addendum I added, then I would very much appreciate if you would check out this post on Why no one should use that word: Kyriarchy instead of Patriarchy. (HT QueerCoup)

Also, check out this post from JRB, the man who started it all by asking me why I don’t identify as feminist.  (I’m not saying you owe me a vodka tonic, friend.  But I had to drink a few extras this week.  Just sayin.)

So this Wikileaks thing is keeping all the talking heads busy, no?  For the record, I love what Wikileaks does, although I think they may have been a bit careless at times.  If you haven’t seen the Greenwald debate on Democracy Now, well let’s just say I will never debate Glenn Greenwald.

I’m also quite entertained by the people who shut down a bank’s website after they closed Assange’s account.  Umm.  Do you think you all could aim a little higher, Goldman Sachs maybe?

Less entertaining  have been many of the posts related to the rape charges.  It is true that they are going after Assange with everything they have because of what he is doing.  But human beings are complicated.  It is very possible for someone to be heroic in one aspect of life and a complete asshat in another.  In fact, that seems to be how it usually works out.  So you might want to proceed with caution on opinionating.  (HT to Gene for the post)

Back to Goldman Sachs for a second.  Apparently, they are arming themselves against us.  It gives me warm fuzzies to think of GS peeps laying awake in their beds fearing what we might do to them.  Now if we could just friggin do something.

I’m not sure how to feel about this survey.  The fact that only 9% of the population has a high degree of trust in congress gives me hope.  The fact that 73% of the population has a high degree of trust for military officers makes me want to cry.  Is it weird that, when I looked at those figures, I wondered what the results of a similar poll might have looked like in some country right before a military coup?

Speaking of coups – You may have heard that there has been an ongoing border dispute between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  Now apparently there is one germinating on the border between Nicaragua and Honduras.  Am I the only conspiracy theorist that is wondering why the United State’s least favorite Central American nation is now sandwiched in conflict?

Another interesting conflict is playing out on Easter Island.  And you thought this was the post colonial era.  Pishaw.

I have not yet read the report, but they have apparently been able to show that increases in prosperity on tribal lands is directly related to an increase in self governance.

Here are some scary figures on the increase of women in prison.  The figures on Native American women are even scarier, “Native women comprise 6% of the total of Montana women, but they are 32% of the incarcerated women in the state.”

Of course, it is our crappy drug laws that help put many of those people in prison.  Which makes this follow up on drug decriminalization in Portugal that much more important.  Not only can we keep people out of prison, Portugal “found a reduction in the rate of spread of HIV/AIDS, a reduction in drug-related deaths, and a reduction in drug use by adolescents. They also found that drug seizures had increased under decriminalization.”

An excellent post from Sparky about being a good ally and not a white knight.

And finally this awesome post from Racialicious titled Putting it in My Mouth: Head, Autonomy and the Politics of Giving.