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Things You Might Have Missed

November 25, 2010 By: Mel Category: Misc

If you live in the DC area, we will be having a really free market on Tuesday, December 14th from 7 PM to 10 PM at the Festival Center, 1640 Columbia Rd NW, Wash DC.

This Tuesday, November 30th, it looks like I’ll be on Thinking Liberty at a little after 8 PM U.S. eastern standard time.  We’ll be talking about the Food, Water, Air and Care post.  Hope you can tune in.  I think you can ask questions.  If you are otherwise engaged on Tuesday, I believe there will be a recording available afterwards.

This piece on anarchism is interesting.  I chuckled heartily at the mention of “hormonal anarchism.”

You have probably already seen this Guardian story on anarchism, but just in case…

I liked this PBS segment on the time bank in Portland, Maine.  Show this to anyone who doesn’t think anarchism is mainstream.  (Doesn’t matter if they don’t think they are anarchists.)

Here is some practical advice on starting a housing coop.

It’s frustrating that Portugal is barring activists from entering the country for the NATO summit.  But I almost think it might be good for us if some country barred a bunch of peace activists and then things exploded anyway.  No more of the it’s just outsiders excuse.

If I had lived in Renaissance times, I would totally have been a nun.

This post on Alternet about one woman’s experience as a prostitute fits in really nicely with my last post.

And while we are on the subject of awesome sex workers – FurryGirl stripped for her TSA search.  You can see the video here.  Ballsalicious. (Not at work)

Jon Stewart gets called out on Atheist Revolution. “Whoever said that truth had to be convenient, make people feel good, or result in extended conversation?”  Indeed.

I’ve been reading a lot of stuff about violence and nonviolence lately.  HT to Gene M for sharing this article on How Nonviolence is Misrepresented.

I can’t remember who shared this Tough Guise video with me.  Thanks to you.  It is long, but the examination of masculinity is well worth the time.

And finally, some Thanksgiving entertainment: