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Things You Might Have Missed

November 16, 2010 By: Mel Category: Misc

Apologies for missing my Thursday post.  I’ll make it up to you.

You may have heard that there was a protest in Haiti.  UN peacekeepers are being blamed for the Cholera outbreak that has killed more than 900 people.  What a clusterfuck.  And the media reporting has been hideous.

Also a clusterfuck is the prison system,  with New Orleans at the top of the heap.  And if you want to know one of the reasons why the system is so screwed up, just read this report on public defenders.

But hey, at least some of those people get some kind of attorney.  The poor shlubs Taibbi describes in his new Rolling Stone piece about foreclosures don’t get shit.  I’ve written about my experiences working for debt collectors before.  What Taibbi is describing has always gone on at some level and it isn’t just about foreclosures.  I seriously think that if everybody started actually fighting these things, the whole court system would collapse.

There are some people out there doing really incredible work in the prison system though.  If you don’t know who Victoria law is, you should.  Here’s an interview with her.  You might also be able to catch her on tour.

This article about male feminists or allies who actually turn out to be vile abusers and rapists is both disturbing and perfectly timed.  It’s getting to the point where, when some guy tells me he is a feminist, I want to haul ass in the opposite direction.

And speaking of men who want to swoop in and save us poor women, Clarisse Thorn has a good piece about the Anti-Porn Men Project.  I personally am a bit more hostile to them, but good for her for giving them a chance. Clarisse is like my blogger of month.  She writes some really great stuff, like this piece on what she wishes people had told her about sex.

Far less offensive are these anti-sex work protesters in the Ukraine.  (Not work safe.)

It is so rare that I get to mention news about Oklahoma that doesn’t involve trying to ban abortion or impose biblical law on all of us.  The Oklahomans I know are quite helpful and would definitely stop to help someone on the side of the road – unless they are from Westboro Baptist Church.

Now I tend to be someone who tries to see the humanity in everyone.  I don’t really categorize people into enemies and friends, at least not generally.  But I must admit that this piece by FurryGirl spoke to me.  It’s also an excellent example of how to handle anti-social behavior without the law.  And how can you not love someone who quotes both Roadhouse and Red Dawn in the same article?  (Not work safe.)

In news of WTF, some parents are in danger of losing their kids because of their anti-racist activism.  And cops are now raiding barber shops and charging people for cutting hair without a license.

Finally, this Thursday is the Transgender Day of Remembrance.  There’s an event here in DC at the Metropolitan Community Church.  You can find out about more events here.