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Things You Might Have Missed

November 09, 2010 By: Mel Category: Misc

Ansel has a report up on the aftermath of the hurricane in Haiti.

I absolutely love the way these people looked at harm caused by substance abuse.  My very non-scientific personal experience backs up 100% that alcohol is the worst regarding harm to others.  Guess I need to start drinking less and doing more mushrooms.

You may have heard that conservatives are the biggest consumers of porn.  In related news, a new porn site is causing controversy for being exclusively focused on native women – some of whom are called “welfare chicks.”  Suddenly, conservative policies make sense.  Do I think there is anything wrong with thinking native women are hot?  No.  Do I think you’re a sick fuck if you think it’s hot that so many native women are in poverty.  Yes.

They are opening a brothel for women in New Zealand, which the woman who wrote that article thinks will be a miserable failure.  Apparently, some women on the street didn’t admit to wanting as many sexual partners as men, so they must not be horny enough for brothels.  Methinks it has a lot more to do with the head trips that people put women on than it does our actual desires.  Don’t take my word for it, check out some of the new writing on the subject.  Perhaps Lucy Lawless’s country is a bit less oppressive than ours.  Be interesting to see how it turns out.  If anyone wants to send me a ticket to New Zealand to investigate….

One in 28 U.S. children has a parent in prison.  For black children it is one in nine!  These kids are at risk in so many ways.  We are never going to get out of the hole we are in until we stop incarcerating people.  In addition to not sending people to jail for drugs, how about letting out women who are in prison for defending their own lives?

I don’t know what is better, the fact that the pope is panicking about losing so many Catholics in Spain or the fact that the Spanish people met him with a giant homosexual kiss in.

Check out this post on Who Speaks for Muslims.  Do not miss the video by deaf, Muslim, anarchist, punk Sabina England.  It’s hilarious.

And finally, this debate on sexism in hip hop is really interesting.  I love how they throw the sexism in the church back at the hip hop critics.