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Things You Might Have Missed

October 26, 2010 By: Mel Category: Misc

Let me kick things off with this excellent piece by Tony Karon.  You do not speak for me Netanyahu.  Israel is not my homeland.

If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you probably know that my university studies focused primarily on human rights violations related to the drug war.  Focusing on an issue that Republicans and Democrats had both fucked up so royally was certainly a factor in my deserting our stunted political circus.  So I found Al Giordano’s post to be interesting.  If the dems (hell, or even repubs) wanted to clean up at the polls, is reversing their shit drug policy the way to do it?

Unfortunately, on the too rare occasions when people start asking why anarchists and libertarians skew so white and so male, the ensuing discussion usually makes you want to stick sharp things in your eyeballs (or maybe that’s just me).  So I was pleased to see this post by Punk Johnny Cash.  Even the discussion wasn’t completely horrible.  At least I don’t recollect anyone claiming “women just aren’t interested in politics.”

You know how people always wonder who would build the roads if there was no government?  What about when the people don’t want a road built, but the government tries to plow it through anyway?  Not the first controversial road in Mexico.  The road that finally plowed through Playa Chacala changed that fishing community forever, much to the dismay of many in the town.  And I know at least one family in Northern Mexico whose hard to reach location is keeping it insulated from the violence.  They’re praying the government doesn’t try to build a road.

So I am a bit torn on charter schools.  On the one hand, all the criticisms laid out in this article are hard to argue with.  On the other hand, I had horrible school experiences and I know that public schools are just drone factories.  I think we desperately need some radical education and part of me wonders if we can use this new love affair liberals and conservatives have with charters to our advantage.  But most of me thinks that charters will end up increasing the gaps.  Thoughts?

This piece on U.S. violence is interesting, but even more interesting is how the violence has decreased so dramatically.  What’s up with that?

We have a local currency here in DC, The Potomac, but it hasn’t really caught on yet.  This article about the Berkshire, which has caught on in a big way, is interesting.  I hadn’t realized they had local banks in on it from the beginning.

I think we all know a few activists who should read this article.  HT @furrygirl

I’m sure you have heard about the twenty year old woman who is now a police chief right in the middle of all the violence in Mexico.  The cynic in me wonders who she is connected to, but I hope we keep hearing about her.  I’m especially interested in the community watch and other programs she says she wants to institute.  Or maybe she can start by stopping the marijuana bonfires.  What a waste.

If you aren’t already following Ansel’s Haiti coverage over at Mediahacker, you should.

It is Intersex Awareness Day, in case you didn’t know.  Some stuff to be aware of. HT @audaciaray

GLBT kids aren’t the only ones with high suicide rates.  Indigenous kids have alarmingly high rates.

And how about a little vintage James Baldwin to finish us off.