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October 05, 2010 By: Mel Category: Misc

Kids can be so incredibly mean.  What would your parents have done if they found out kids at your school were torturing you?  What if they found out you were torturing other kids?

Related to that, this post calling the church out for “saving families” by being anti-gay marriage while ignoring the suicides their teachings contribute to really got to me.  I had to sit through the hypocrisy of a Catholic funeral for my 14 year old friend who killed himself in part because of their bs.  Infuriating.

Lots of stuff on incarceration this week.  Yglesias had a post on how incarceration kills your chances for getting out of poverty.  There was a great piece on a local org here in DC that tries to help formerly incarcerated women.  A Brennan Center report came out on prison fees.  WOLA had a couple good posts about the horrible drug war prison system we exported to Boliva and Ecuador.  And I found a comprehensive post by Victoria Law on women’s resistance in prison.

One of the things I find most irritating about all the anti-immigrant bullshit is how none of those people have any problem with immigration the other way.  I can’t tell you how many gated communities filled with U.S. and Canadian expats I passed in Mexico.  They built McMansions, used all the water to fill their pools, and didn’t even bother to hire local labor.  In short, as this article says, Mexico’s Illegals are Americans.  Meanwhile, our federal government is forcing local law enforcement to check immigration status and then deporting men who report when their girlfriend is sexually assaulted by said law enforcement.

I’ve been a little amused by the reactions to this whole fire department scandal.  First I got links from anarchist/libertarian types who thought it was great anti-government ammo.  Then I got links from liberals who thought it was anti-Rand fodder.  My take is, anyone who is such a schmuck that they would stand and watch someones shit go up in smoke is a tool.  I mean forget all the private business v. tax crap.  Do you blindly obey your boss no matter what they tell you to do?  If your boss told you to throw away leftover food rather than give it to the homeless, would you listen?  If your boss told you to throw children out on the street in the middle of a Christmas snowstorm, would you?  I sure as hell wouldn’t.

The ACLU just put out a very measured but damming report (pdf) on the current administration’s civil liberties record.  Too bad only Greenwald readers will know about it.

These Indian sex workers are not going to take being treated like shit.  I hope that filmmaker is thoroughly shamed.

Ms. Clinton gave a big contract to Blackwater, you know those murderers that Candidate Clinton said shouldn’t get government contracts.

Israel executed an unarmed U.S. citizen.

The government is x-raying you in your car.

FSK tackles the social contract.

I’ll be very interested to see how this supposed land reform project works out in Colombia.  Call me skeptical, but I suspect it won’t work out as stated.

And finally, a few things to think about when dealing with systematic issues on an individual level.