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September 14, 2010 By: Mel Category: Misc

Lately, I’ve been coming across a lot of articles on the effects of inequality.  This one is quite good.  I’m particularly interested in how he relates inequality, status seeking, consumerism, and crime.  I’ve read a bit of the crime research he is referring to.  Good stuff.  And it relates to a series they are doing on Slate about America’s growing inequality.

This chart on middle school suspension rates doesn’t surprise me in the least.  As someone who was suspended quite a few times, and who eventually got kicked out of school for “ruining the attendance record,” I have firsthand experience with how schools try to improve their stats by dumping kids.  Happened to a lot of my friends too.  (Course, I’m not sure I actually suffered for having missed those years.)

I am surrounded by vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, ovo-lacto – whatever.  I’m surrounded by people who don’t eat animals on moral grounds and think nobody else should either.  And none of those people seem to get up in arms about the outrageous number of pets that are shot by beltway cops.  There is a story like this every week lately.  WTF people.

Related to last Thursday’s post, a comparison of religious giving finds that Jews and Christians give about the same amount of money to their church/synagogue – $2,100 to $2,700 per year on average.  That’s like eight months wages for a secretary in Guatemala.  Salvation is pricey.

You might think that the mainstream news is a war between Glenn Beck and Rachel Maddow, but think again.  Looks like Jorge Ramos, the slick newscaster on Univision, may be the one to watch.

Taibbi’s piece on the NFL collective bargaining show of solidarity gave me a good chuckle, especially the part about reality t.v.

And finally, the internets seem to think I’m a cranky old lady.  I’d love to know how they come up with that.  I mean I’m definitely cranky, but most people think I’m also rather immature.