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Things You Might Have Missed

January 16, 2013 By: Mel Category: Misc

The internets are rapidly finishing the job Aaron Swartz started.

Must read article on what is happening to women who are pregnant. Arrests. Deaths. Involuntary commitment. Medical tests.

I am so glad my parents did not have access to microchipping technology. Though I suspect I would have gotten extremely tech savvy. By now I’d probably be programming ankle bracelets to say people are home when they are actually slamming beers at a bar and planning the next occupation.

I hope somebody out there has skills like that. As it seems our injustice system will now be using some bullshit program to determine who will commit crimes in the future. Probation and parole will be judged accordingly.

Sending people to prison for things they have not yet done is not new.  I highly recommend reading this New Yorker piece on sex offenders. It is so disturbing.

Great that the ACLU is pointing out what happens when you put cops in schools. But good luck getting people to listen.

I knew John Kiriakou’s prosecution was bullshit, but I did not know he has basically been convicted of sharing a business card.

Anybody have the details on the bombing of journalists in Greece? Supposedly some of ours who did this dumbass shit.

Cliff at The Pervocracy on how we screw up kid’s heads about sex.

Many of you give me a hard time for living in DC. But there are some things we can be proud of. Like we watch more porn than anybody.

Of course, we also have cops in the DMV who drive women to secluded areas to rape them. And one that decided to murder his mistress and then leave their baby in a car to die.

Also, it seems we have decided to go the Texas route and “get tough” on truancy. Cause that went so well in Texas.

Sigh.  Home sweet home.