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October 18, 2012 By: Mel Category: Misc

Took this pic in San Pedro Sula a few years ago. Those guys are on top of the mall. They don’t fuck around with shoplifting in that town. Apparently, SPS is now the most dangerous city in the world. Perhaps they need to rethink their strategies.

What kind of fucktard cares more about putting people behind bars than the life of someone overdosing on drugs?

Kind of a cool project from Act!onAid. Rural people around the world tweeting about their lives and how they are affected by land grabs.

Co-op news is where it is at.

The pope condemns pussy.

I cannot believe that designing a dog park is an actual occupation. Apparently, it is quite a lucrative one. Makes total sense to spend half a million on a place for dogs to shit when thousands of people in this town don’t have a place to sleep.

Don’t ever expect cops to help you.

Don’t expect the border patrol not to shoot teens throwing rocks that don’t even have a snowballs chance in hell of actually getting near them.

Don’t expect the government to ever give an accurate count (or any count) of drone deaths.

Keep up with the California hunger strikers here.

First of all, I would much rather strippers have the money than bankers. And you have to appreciate that the guy didn’t want to show up at the club without being able to pay the women.

Ridiculous that the Sioux have to come up with millions in order to buy back stolen land. But hey, it isn’t like you could expect the federal government to honor a treaty once they discovered gold.

“According to sources, Ryan then insisted that aides rake their fingernails across his chest and spit in his face while calling him a ‘filthy liberal slut.'” Oh Onion.


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