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Religion Doesn’t Exist

June 19, 2014 By: Mel Category: Religion

Church of the Virgin of Guadalupe Mexico City Years and years ago, I asked one of my Indian coworkers if he was religious. He looked at me like I had just grown an extra limb. He told me that he had no idea what people meant when they asked him that. Then he described a couple rituals that he performed every day and asked if that is what I meant by religious. They were things that we would probably describe as religious, but didn’t seem to be done with much more time or thought than I put into making my morning coffee.

I took my friend to mean that religion and culture were so bound up into one that he couldn’t separate them. But I was wrong. It was more than that. Kwame Anthony Appiah is right. The idea of religion is European. There is no such thing as religion.

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