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Enough With Your Superiority Complex

February 18, 2013 By: Mel Category: Seeking

You are not better than anyone else.

I don’t care how aware you think you are or how many books you have read on anarchism or racism or sexism or whatever. I don’t care what ist you are. I don’t care if you can quote Marx or Judith Butler. I don’t care if you eat animals or don’t eat animals. Whether you spend all day feeding the homeless or all night binge drinking. Whether you go to church every week or don’t believe in god. Whether you live in a penthouse or a group house. Whether you have a Rolls Royce or ride a bike. I don’t care if you have a closet full of Chanel or knit your own clothes from organic hemp that you grew on your commune.

None of those things makes you better than anybody.

Even if you disagree with everything a person thinks, hate the way they live, would die fighting against everything that they stand for – that still doesn’t make you better than them. I guarantee that you are wrong at least as often as all those people you feel superior to. Because we are all human and damaged. None of us has control of where we started in life. All of us are formed within the same oppressive systems. All of us have internalized the prejudices, the violence, the insecurities, and the fucked up desires – including the desire to find something that makes us feel superior to other people.

It is impossible to get it right. I don’t even know how to define what right is. How do you know how much of what you want is socially constructed? How do you know when you are acting purely in opposition to something and thus still letting yourself be defined by it? What magic is going to tell you that your mind is officially free and you can now judge everyone else by your standard?

I’m not saying we should not have opinions or try to live by our values. People should say what they feel. They should fight for whatever they think will make things better. But it is possible to do that without having the kind of contempt and hubris that I see too often from people who like to pretend that they have worked way more shit out in their heads than they actually have.