Thoughts on politics, religion, violence, inequality, social control, change, and random other things from an autonomous, analytical, adopted, abolitionist, anarchist who likes the letter A

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Spam will be deleted (unless it is hilarious). If you link to a site that I find repulsive, your comment will be deleted. If you insult one of the other blog commenters, you will be deleted. If you say some hateful shit that is mostly directed at me, I may delete it. I may keep it up so that the world can see and shame your douchebaggery. Whether or not I delete your comment is also related to how good a mood I am in, how drunk I am, if I am in nicotine withdrawal, how long it has been since I’ve had sex… In short, it is my blog and I’ll do what the fuck I want. Just don’t be a complete¬†asshat and we will probably be fine.

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