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About Me

I used to have an about blurb, but it doesn’t make sense to have a static blurb on a blog that is really a record of how my thoughts change over time. So now you can just look at some of the posts that I think still hold true.

Some Thoughts on Voting for the Newly Disillusioned

I’m seeing quite a few people in my Facebook and Twitter feeds who have just now realized that the political system is not the path to what they are looking for. They are feeling angry, cynical, and lost. I get it. I’ve been there. I was crushed when Bill Clinton gave us welfare “reform,” NAFTA, […]

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The Problem With Gifted

I’ve been catching up on some of my blog reading and came across this report about how Latino children are underrepresented in New York City public school gifted programs. Data obtained by The Wall Street Journal shows that Latino children are dramatically underrepresented in the program, making up just 12% of the city’s 14,266 gifted elementary […]

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Trans Issues are Core Issues

A few weeks ago, a piece by Suzanne Moore called Seeing red: The power of female anger started a bit of a shitstorm. Moore was looking to get women riled up and she succeeded – just not the women she was aiming for. Trans women were furious at her comment that women are angry with themselves […]

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Legality, Morality, and Dehumanization

According to Oliver Willis, some of us on the left are dumb because we aren’t ready to declare that a woman arrested for prostitution with her son present is an open and shut case of wrongness. He claims it isn’t about whether or not we think prostitution should be legal. It is illegal. She brought […]

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Pregnancy, Coercion, and Responsibility

I was reading about this abortion restricting bill in Michigan. While I realize that it is another attempt to regulate abortion out of existence under the guise of safety and regulations, something in that article struck me. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) has approved a controversial package of abortion restrictions that will limit abortion access for women who live in […]

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Confessions of a Former Liberal: A Response to Rebecca Solnit

By now you have probably read, or at least heard about, Rebecca Solnit’s piece on TomDispatch titled The Rain on Our Parade. Salon republished it as Hey left wing: Quit griping. Solnit is frustrated that us radicals are constant Debbie Downers who do nothing but bitch and moan. We can never see anything positive. We […]

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My Uterus Hates Elections

I always know there is an election coming up when my email and blog reader are filled with stories meant to scare my uterus into a self defensive trip to the voting booth. This Republican sheriff candidate would shoot women who tried to have abortions. This Republican Senate candidate thinks there shouldn’t be a rape […]

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Victims, Villains, and Heroes

When I first started delving into the drug war and criminal injustice system, I saw it as a process of dehumanization that I couldn’t ignore. While I had friends who were caught up in the system, as one of the least targeted people, the only connection I saw to my personal life was what I […]

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Obey or Pay…Unless

I came across this truancy scare video the other day. The video talks about how truancy leads to dropping out and how dropping out leads to a “lifelong inability to find gainful employment (and) make a meaningful life.” It has kids talking about how they were rebellious (the horror). They talk about abusing drugs, about […]

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Beware of Strange Men on Airplanes

It seems that Virgin airlines has a policy that unaccompanied children cannot sit next to men on their airplanes. An Australian man, who was assigned a seat next to two boys he did not know, was asked to switch seats with a woman. Pissed off about being treated like a presumed predator, he blogged about […]

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