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About Me

I used to have an about blurb, but it doesn’t make sense to have a static blurb on a blog that is really a record of how my thoughts change over time. So now you can just look at some of the posts that I think still hold true.

Some Thoughts on Voting for the Newly Disillusioned

I’m seeing quite a few people in my Facebook and Twitter feeds who have just now realized that the political system is not the path to what they are looking for. They are feeling angry, cynical, and lost. I get it. I’ve been there. I was crushed when Bill Clinton gave us welfare “reform,” NAFTA, […]

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Victims, Villains, and Heroes

When I first started delving into the drug war and criminal injustice system, I saw it as a process of dehumanization that I couldn’t ignore. While I had friends who were caught up in the system, as one of the least targeted people, the only connection I saw to my personal life was what I […]

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Obey or Pay…Unless

I came across this truancy scare video the other day. The video talks about how truancy leads to dropping out and how dropping out leads to a “lifelong inability to find gainful employment (and) make a meaningful life.” It has kids talking about how they were rebellious (the horror). They talk about abusing drugs, about […]

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Beware of Strange Men on Airplanes

It seems that Virgin airlines has a policy that unaccompanied children cannot sit next to men on their airplanes. An Australian man, who was assigned a seat next to two boys he did not know, was asked to switch seats with a woman. Pissed off about being treated like a presumed predator, he blogged about […]

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Big Tents, Little Bridges, Vested Interests

This piece over at Cubik’s Rube reminded me of something I have been wanting to write about for a while. James is worried that the atheism+ idea that Blag Hag wrote about, and that I linked to on Wed, will be just one more divide in a movement that already has plenty of “splits, schisms, and […]

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Is the Media Liberal?

A friend of mine just posted this nifty graphic showing how much more often the media quotes the GOP. But I’m not sure that it says much. If conservative is defined as wanting to live by religious doctrine or being anti-abortion, then the media is not particularly conservative. If conservative is defined as supporting current […]

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Dear Reformists, You’re Welcome

The problem with people who focus on reform is that they don’t seem to understand how reform actually happens. They want to focus on influencing the people in power by gaining access. That almost never leads to change, or at least not the kind of change that we need. Reform happens in one of two […]

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Encouraging (in)Visibility

I am one of those people who would rather be in the coffin than delivering the eulogy.  I am also one of those people who takes a while to get to know someone, especially when I’m thrown into a whole group of new people. The result of those two things is that I am often […]

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Shame Redistribution

A little while ago, I was watching this video of Michelle Alexander. In it, she talks about how struck she was by the silence within the communities most affected by mass incarceration. House after house in these neighborhoods had family members in prison. But people weren’t talking about it. And a big reason for that […]

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More Revolutionary Than Thou

On one of the videos from the recent Occupy4Prisoners action in DC, somebody spots a guy on the roof of the jail. At first they think it is a sniper. But when they zoom in on them, they see that it is someone working on the camera. The protester starts to heckle the guy, telling […]

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