Thoughts on politics, religion, violence, inequality, social control, change, and random other things from an autonomous, analytical, adopted, abolitionist, anarchist who likes the letter A

About Me

mel2As an anarchist who believes it is possible to live in a world without rulers, I often write about abuses of power, hierarchy, oppression and social control.

Don’t be scared by the word anarchist.  I believe in rules.  What I don’t believe in is coercion.  Cooperation is possible and preferable.

And I won’t be throwing molotov cocktails at you.  In fact, I’m a pacifist.  (There goes another one of those scary words.)  Violence is the ultimate form of coercion and so, naturally, I’m against it.  Not so scary really.

Now, perhaps, you think I’m naive.  No.  I go through the world with my eyes wide open.  In fact, those who know me best say I’m quite cynical (a “cold dose of reality”).

I am a student of history and an observer of people, focused mostly on the Americas.  I’ve spent many years learning about the darkest parts of our past and present – genocide, slavery, racism, criminalization, war, imperialism, and every other human rights abuse twisted human brains could think of.  I often write about those things too.

Here comes another scary word – atheist.  I don’t believe in god.  It just isn’t rational.  And I’m a rational girl.  Religion is a topic of many blog posts.  Religion is, after all, one of the ultimate forms of social control.  I think religion does more harm than good, so I write about religious hypocrisy and abuse.  But I also try to understand where religious people are coming from.  I do, after all, believe in democracy (the direct kind) and religious people aren’t going to disappear.

And while I mostly spend my time pointing out what I think is wrong, sometimes I use my blog to ponder what could be or should be.  Those are the posts that I especially love comments on.  When you spend a lot of time focusing on bleak realities, you need to make a little time to think about what is possible.

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